Summer Camp (2016)

Time Table

June 27th - July 1 10 AM - 2 PM


ETL will be partnering with Chance and the College of Education this summer to bring forth a science and technology summer camp. The first camp session will run from June 27th to July 1st, 10 AM- 2PM. The second camp session will run from July 11th –July 15th, 10AM-2PM. We aim to inspire young minds into science, math, and technology. We have sessions that involve a range of things from building a robot using Legos to using our 3D printer. We will have presentations from various professor including Daniel Morales, Chris Miller, and Marlynne Nishimura, and the ETL staff. Children will be able to interact with our new telepresence robots, Patti and Patrick. Kids will have an opportunity to work with electricity, magnetism, and further their understanding of gravity. This camp will be an excellent opportunity to learn and be interactive even when school is out for the summer. We look forward to learning and growing with these students.

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