Poster Printing

Poster Printing


1. Printing of posters is a service that is provided to faculty, staff and students by the Educational Technology Lab for public presentations such as conferences. The cost ($60-80 per 44” poster; $30-40 per 24”poster) is covered by the College of Education.

2. Printing of a poster, assuming that there are no glitches with formatting, etc., requires 3-4 hours. It is very different technology than that of the typical office printer and the ETL plotter printer is not of the quality of a print shop such as Kinkos.

3. Particularly during “conference season,” ETL receives high numbers of requests for printing, so it is important to submit request with as much lead time as possible; one week advance minimum.


Please send an email message with the following information to the ETL Director, Ernesto Reyna at Ernesto@uic.edu

1. Your name and position (student, faculty, other)

2. Purpose of the poster (e.g., conference presentation)

3. Poster size

4. Deadline date

5. Do NOT include your poster with this note

Once approval is received, send the poster in PDF format to ETL@uic.edu. If the message gets rejected due to size, please upload your poster into your university Box.com account and email us the file share link.