Software Review

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Mathew Graduate SPSS Data Analaysis Windows Mac and Linux PC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Tablets and Mobile devices 2018 V1.1.442 asdsadasd Yes Click Here 12 Test Test Test 2 2 3
Mathew Vadakkencheril Graduate Test TEst Windows Mac and Linux PC\\\'s Tablets and Mobile devices 2018 V1.1.442 All Grades Yes Click Here 234 Very good Reall Bad zsdbhasjkdgbsa 3 2 3
Nive Parthiban Undergraduate Adobe Photoshop Art Windows and macOS all devices CC 2018 ( High School and above Yes Click Here 20 Very powerful, but subscription model is not good Useful for most art creation Not good for vectors, subscription model pricing 5 5 5
Mathew Vadakkencheril Graduate R-Studio Data Analaysis Windows Mac and Linux Desktop and Tablets 2018 V1.1.442 High School and Upwards Yes Click Here 20 Very good and effective Compile upto tons of data Takes a lot of time 4 3 3
Austin Undergraduate Outlook Students, Staff, and Faculty Windows, Mac, and Web PC's Tablets and Mobile devices 2016 High School and Up Yes Click Here 1 It\'s a fully features email client, but it\'s very confusing to use. Comes free to all student, staff, and faculty. It does almost anything that you expect it to do. The UI is very confusing, and not similar to other email clients. It\'s unclear at first what the difference is between Outlook and Exchange. 3 4 3
Austin Undergraduate Trello Task Management All (It\'s a website) all devices 2018 All Yes Click Here 1 It\'s a good task management tool for teams, but many useful features are only available in the paid version. It has plugins for most other team-oriented tools, such as Evernote and GitHub. The UI can be confusing at first, especially to someone creating a board for the first time. 4 5 4
Austin Undergraduate IntelliJ IDEA Computer programming Windows, Mac, Linux PC's and Windows Tablets 2017, Ultimate High School and Up Yes Click Here 1 It\'s a great IDE. It\'s easy to navigate and has everything that you would want from a Java or Kotlin IDE. It\'s easy to navigate. The performance is a bit lacking. Some tools are hard to use and understand (such as Gradle). 3 4 3
Austin Undergraduate Visual Studio Computer Programming Windows PCs and Windows Tablets 2017, Community High School and Up Yes Click Here 1 It\'s a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment), but it\'s not the simplest to use. There\'s a lot to configure, it can be overwhelming. It supports any .NET language. It even supports other development types like mobile apps and web development. The UI is not similar to other IDEs, so it may take some getting used to. The menus can be cluttered, expect to be searching online rather than navigating menus. 3 4 3
Maryam Undergraduate PowToons Animations Windows and Mac PC's Tablets and Mobile devices 2018 All Yes Click Here 20 Online software used to make animation videos, can be used for educational purposes or for fun. It is very easy to use and has step by step instructions. Has very limited avatars, themes, and backgrounds for free. 4 5 5
Maryam Undergraduate Stata Econometrics Windows, macOS, Linux PC's 15.1 / November 6, 2017 College Yes Click Here 90 Very similar to SPSS, used for economic classes. Is very simple to you and understand if used for class. Does not work properly if purchased from UIC 4 4 4
Austin Undergraduate Arduino IDE Programming Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and Windows Tablets 2018 High School and Up Yes Click Here 1 The Arduino IDE is good for learning coding in-depth once you\'ve mastered tools like Scratch. It\'s compatible with every major operating system. It\'s easy to write code once you know what you\'re doing. It\'s not friendly to beginners. It requires a solid knowledge of programming in C. It requires Arduino hardware (which is fairly cheap). 4 4 4
Austin Undergraduate Scratch Programming Education All (It\'s a website) all devices 2018 Elementary, Middle, and High School Yes Click Here 1 It\'s easy for students to start with but it\'s also very powerful. Students will like the objective. It is designed to make games and animations. It also has a lot of community projects to look at. It can be intimidating because it\'s so powerful. 4 5 5
Austin Undergraduate Makerbot Print 3D Printing Windows & Mac PCs and Windows Tablets 2016 High school and up Yes Click Here 1 The MAkerbot software makes it easy to connect to the 3D printer, but that\'s about it. It\'s easy to use and connect to a printer. Dragging and dropping STL files is easy. It doesn\'t have a lot of CAD tools beyond resizing models. The 3D printer is extremely expensive as well. 3 5 4
Austin Undergraduate Tinkercad Engineering Education All (It\'s a website) all devices 2018 Middle and High School Yes Click Here 1 TInkercad shows the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and CAD. It\'s easy to use but also very powerful. It\'s easy to use and very powerful. It runs very fast. It produces usable CAD files. The instructions are not helpful for beginners. 5 4 5
Austin Undergraduate Ozoblockly Programming Education All (It\'s a website) all devices 2018 Middle and High School Yes Click Here 1 This software has different levels of difficulty that users can try. It works with Ozobot hardware to show the user the code that they have written. It\'s a website, so it\'s available on phones and tablets. It\'s easy to use with a mouse or a touch screen. The levels of difficulty are appropriate. Uploading the software to the Ozobot is extremely confusing. 4 5 4
Austin Undergraduate Lego Mindstorms Programming Education Windows & Mac PCs and Windows Tablets 2013, EV3 Middle & High School Yes Click Here 1 This software is effective in teaching kids to program hardware. They can see what they are programming in the robot after it\\\\\\\'s done. It\\\\\\\'s not the most intuitive, but it\\\\\\\'s very powerful. It\\\'s very powerful. The students can see what they\\\\\\\'ve programmed after they load it onto the robot. Building the robot is fun too. The software can be very complex. The robot hardware is very expensive. 4 4 4
Manoj Undergraduate Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF Reading & Markup Windows, Mac... PCs and Windows Tablets 2018 Any Yes Click Here 200 Given a choice and with the right budget, I would select Adobe Acrobat XI over products from other vendors, even though the Standard edition is priced more than twice as much as Nitro Pro 8 or Foxit. If you’re faced with budgetary constraints, however, an application like Nuance’s PDF Converter Professional 8, priced at $99, might be a more cost effective solution for you. You can create documents that can be electronically signed Most complete PDF solution available Never a compatibility problem with PDFs -Adobe sets the standard Much more Expensive Might have more features than the average user needs Sometime buggy 4 4 4
Zach Undergraduate Adobe Acrobat Reader DC PDF Reading Windows/Mac PCs and Tablets 2018.0011.200038 Any Yes Click Here 1 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a file reader to view pdf documents. I use it for textbooks, assignments, and various pdf files. The pro version allows you to convert pdf documents to any other form of document. Multiple uses if you pay for it Free Easy to use Limited unless you pay Preferences hard to adjust Not very user friendly 4 4 4
Zach Code Composer Studio Windows/Mac 2018 Version 7 Any Click Here 1 Code Composer Studio is a mixed C/Assembly language compiler, which corresponds to Texas Instrument Micro controller boards. After writing multiple programs using this software, it\'s good for C, Assembly, and both combined. Quick compilation Versatile language set Hard to learn Have to build, debug, and run every time Debugger is annoying to use 3 3 4
Zach PowToons Windows/Mac 2018 Any Click Here 19 PowToons is an animation software for presentations. It is easy to use and can make nice looking, informative slides that are appealing to all audiences Easy to use Good for Presentations Many tools Different versions Cost is monthly Limited cartoon people unless you upgrade 4 4 4
Zach LaTeX Windows/Mac 2017 Version 3.97 Any Click Here 1 LaTeX is a program for documentation output. You write commands in one file, which creates a professional looking document on the other end. It takes a while to learn, but can make reports and assignments look beautiful. Professional looking documents Free Takes a while to learn Simple looks can take a while to build Time consuming 4 4 3
Brent Nequin Pokemon Origins Windows, Mac 2017 Any Click Here 1 It\'s Pokemon but it\'s an RPG I can relive my childhood in Pokemon and also live inside the virtual world May require a good GPU, otherwise the game plays like a slideshow with 1 slide per 5 seconds 3 5 1
Zach Mathematica Windows/Mac 2016 Version 11 All Click Here 295 Mathematica is a simple yet complex symbolic calculation software comparable to MatLab. After using it for multiple programs robotic motion programs, it is comfortable to use and has many useful functions. The online version is slow, but the offline version is quick and effective. Good for graphing 3D models Fast computations Online and Offline versions Slow online version Not as many functions as MatLab Hard learning curve 4 4 4
Brent Nequin Undergraduate MATLAB MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing Windows, Mac PC's Tablets and Mobile devices 2017a Any Yes Click Here 2150 MATLAB is perfect to perform advanced mathematics, such as LaPlace transforms, and is capable of simulating control systems. Powerful, runs code fast, math Can run slow due to license verification each time the software opens 3 1 2
Sam Undergraduate Microsoft Word General Documentation Windows PC's Tablets Mobile Phones 2016 8th Yes Click Here 300 Its ok. Has Auto- Spellcheck File Tab is annoying. 3 3 3
Manoj Pant Graduate D-Pad for Pokemon Playing games Android, IOS PC Emulator,Ipad, Iphone, Android 2016 Any No Click Here 0 Pokemon GO is a game that many people have been playing ever since its release in July this year. It is fun and brings many of us back to the old days of playing Pokemon on Game Boys and other consoles. The best part of the program is that you can visit any place on the globe at any time… virtually, of course. You could be catching the exclusive to Europe Mr. Mime and the exclusive to Australia Kangaskhan in the time frame of 2 minutes or even less if you’re fast with you skills. D-Pad sometime lags out and crashes. Sometime GPS signal gets lost and the raid cannot be completed. 5 5 5
Mathew Graduate SPSS Statistical Analysis Windows Mac and Linux Computers and Tablets 2012 V5.4 All Grades Yes Click Here 75 Very Good Software Bad 2 2 3