About ETL

ETL provides UIC College of Education students, staff , and faculty with use of the ETL Computer Lab, other technology resources and day-to-day support to assure efficient use of computers, peripherals, and software. ETL serves as a combined education and technology resource, including resources to support interactive classroom opportunities.


-Wireless Connections
-Securing Laptops & Tablets
-Installing Secure Software including:
-Microsoft Office, ATLAS.ti, SPSS/AMOS
-General Troubleshooting


-Mobile Computer Labs - 25 laptops per cart
-Projectors - Regular or Palm-sized
-Video Recorders
See online reservation system for more details


ETL is setup to utilize the Blackboard Class Recording system provided by the ACCC. The lab is able to record the output of the instructor’s computer, document camera, a connected laptop, a wireless microphone, and more. All of this footage and the corresponding audio can be uploaded to Blackboard so that students are able to re-watch lectures.
For more details about implementation, feel free to ask ETL staff on how to set up Blackboard to record your class.


25 Windows OS
12 Mac OS
2 Scanner Stations
4 Printers
3D Printer


LEGO & Ozobot Robotics: Learn how to build robots and CODE programming.
Little Bits: Platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks.
Makey Makey: Electronic invention tool based on electric conductivity to computer programs.


-Telepresence Robots (Double Robotics)
-Electrical & Gravitational Devices
-CODE & Finch: Small Robot to teach & learn computer programming languages


If you are having difficulties connecting your laptop to the UIC Wi-Fi, bring your laptop or tablet to the ETL and a staff member will assist you with the connection.


If your class or meeting ends after ETL’s normal hours or on a weekend, you will need to ensure that all doors are closed on your way out. If your class or meeting begins aft er normal hours or on a weekend, you will need to ensure that you have a key from the operations office located in ETMSW 3335.


Items such as keys, ID-card, etc. are stored in the ETL server room. Please ask staff for assistance if you are trying to locate such an item. Other items such as clothing, ear buds, etc. are stored in a red bin in the lab and can be retrieved by owner.


In addition to our on-campus services, we are committed to educating children through community-based computer projects that promote scientific and critical thinking. Children engage in activities and lessons through the use of robotics, science simulations, and digital technology during annual ETL STEM Summer Camp.