The Lab


The ETL lab is equipped with both PCs and Macs for students, faculty, and staff to use. Users may print or scan documents and browse the internet.

Printing and Scanning

Users* may print in their documents in black and white or in color.

The lab also reserves two computers for users that wish to scan their documents.

* Printing is available ONLY for students, faculty, and staff in the college of education. All other users are asked to print in the computer lab in the basement (ETMSW L278) or at any ACCC C-Stop.

3D Printing

The lab is currently equipment with one MakerBot Replicator for 3D printing. The 3D printer is capable of printing 3D models of one color from a selection of several colors.

Request ETL to print your 3D model by asking any ETL staff or sending an email.

Classroom Resources

Details regarding the ETL lab for use of lecturing may be found here.

ETL is set up to utilize the Blackboard Class Recording system provided by the ACCC. The lab is able to record the output of the instructor’s computer, document camera, a connected laptop, a wireless microphone, and more. All of this footage and the corresponding audio can be uploaded to Blackboard so that students are able to re-watch lectures.
For more details about implementation, ask ETL staff on how to set up Blackboard to record your class.

The ETL has one Smartboard for use as a teaching resource. The Smartboard may be used to present slides for a presentation or play videos from the internet.

If you wish to reserve the ETL Smartboard for your lecture, request a reservation from here.