IT Projects

Besides providing technical support to the UIC College of Education, the ETL also conducts cutting edge research educational technology, human development, augmented and virtual reality, and e-sports. Since 2012, ETL staff have presented research findings in numerous prestigious conferences such as AERA, ACM, and ISTE. Our team member contributes to the unique combination of what make us apart from a “typical” IT department on-campus.


Human Resource System Modernization Project II / TrackerDuo (Jul 2019 – Present)

Collaborating with our director of Human Resources, this project aims at building a web-based front end with Django, Python, PHP and MySQL, that allows department managers to submit employee requisition, scheduling interviews, approval of new hires, facilitate a new employee onboarding, and maintain personnel records on premises.

Human Resource System Modernization Project (Jan 2018 – Jun 2018)

As part of the college digitization initiative, ETL have developed a database in FileMaker Pro to convert current paper-based human resource data into digital format. The database cross-references among ERP system such as Banner, grant database, access control database and our in-house inventory database. The database will allow faster report generation to enable the college administration to make informative decision in the competitive environment in higher education.

Resource Management Modernization Project (Jul 2017 – May 2019)

Redevelop ETL website, streaming equipment reservations for college faculty and student teachers, and modernizing our departmental knowledge base (The ETL Wiki). Moving away from paper process to a completely digitized system, provide traceability and accountability of vital university resources.

Distance Learning and Broadcasting system for adult GED students (Nov 2016 – Present)

Partnering Organization: Center for Literacy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Implementation of technical infrastructure that made possible live broadcasting of GED classes simultaneously in 5 different locations across the Chicago metropolitan area with a concentration of Hispanic populations.

Microsoft Exchange Migration Project (Sep 2016 – Dec 2017)

Migration of 300+ faculty and staff email accounts from an in-house mail server to Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 for stability and FERPA / FOIA compliance.

Educational Software Review Database (Apr 2016 – Dec 2016)

Partnering Institution: Chicago Public Schools

A Web-based application mimicking the functionality of IMDB using FileMaker Pro and Java. Designed for K-12 educators to submit reviews and recommendations of various educational software. ETL developed and debugged JUnit test cases with CodePro Analytix and a traceability matrix. ETL collaborated on the project’s Software Requirement Specifications document and creation of JavaDocs

Ascension – A co-op video puzzle game for vision-impaired people (Feb 2013 – May 2013)

A co-op puzzle game created using Unity 3D game engine using JavaScript and C#. Designed for vision-impaired players with precision sound effects, unique user interface and creative level design. Used by four different cohorts of student teachers in Special Education

ETL Inventory and Disposal Management System (Mar 2014 – Sep 2014)

Project to build an inventory disposal website using Django, Python and SQLite. This application is hosted on Ubuntu server with Gunicorn and Nginx HTTP servers. ETL staff constructed a Python function that turned form information displayed as HTML into a PDF