Besides providing technical support to the UIC College of Education, the ETL also conducts cutting edge research educational technology, human development, augmented and virtual reality, and e-sports. Since 2012, ETL staff have presented research findings in numerous prestigious conferences such as AERA, ACM, and ISTE. Our team member contributes to the unique combination of what make us apart from a “typical” IT department on-campus.


ETL TeraHash Computing Center (Aug 2013 – Mar 2016)

•In collaboration with the UIC College of Engineering
•First computing grid of its kind among colleges of education in the Chicagoland area
•Utilizing the Blockchain technology to simulate human learning and intelligence development
•Built upon with two-dozen thin clients and communicate with Ubuntu server cluster using the Stratum protocol
•Serviced over 80 students and powered three faculty members research grants over the grid’s lifetime

The New Age Interactive Soccer Training System: A Novel Approach of collaborative learning outside the classroom (2011)

A complete learning experience of a child includes not only academic but also physical activities. Often times, interpersonal relationship and conflicts are often made outside the wall of a classroom. In this paper, we aim to bring collaborative learning outside the classroom and into a soccer field through a hypothetical system for children age 5-14 that will promote teamwork and betterment of interpersonal communication on and off the field. This system consist of three sections: An input system that reads the position and direction of both the ball and the players; A software component that calculates the best move given the input, and an output system that utilize the Bluetooth protocol to transmit the best move to the players. This paper will focus on the software part of the system, while also briefly sketch the schematics and requirement of the entire system, including its specification and potential cost.

Paper Link: The New Age Interactive Soccer Training System